Hey-hello! We dream about bringing new designers/ceramics and beautiful cacti together. We want to create an exhibition where we celebrate the love for cacti and design. Therefore we are looking for ceramics and designers, both Danish and international, to take part in our exhibition Keramiktus, which will take place in the spring of 2018.

The concept
With the exhibition Keramiktus we aim to combine cacti and innovative pots to create design that can showcase the plants in new spectacular ways. Thus, we ask you the following; what is a perfect pot for a cactus? Or what is the imperfect pot for a cactus? Or what would you like your cactus to be placed in? The simple task is to make a cactus-pot - but a special and unique one. 

There are no limits in regards to the choice of materials; it can be anything from glass, porcelain, clay, stone, terrazzo, concrete or experimental materials. And as the designer you choose the format and size, the only criteria is that each designer/ceramic can hand in only one piece. 

Kaktus København curates the exhibition and will choose 30 designers/ceramics to participate. Kaktus København will choose the perfect cactus for the pot so it will become a unified cactus design. 


Do you want to participate?
Send us some words or sketches with your ideas for your cactus pot if you want to participate in the exhibition. We would also love to see some of your earlier work and projects. 

We look forward to see experiments with materials and forms. We have cacti in all shapes and sizes and colours, so everything is allowed; large, weird, wide, petit, short, extravagant and minimalistic - or something completely different. 

All the practical stuff: 
The pots will be for sale under the exhibition. There is a 30% commission for sales that we use to pay for the exhibition space. Designers and ceramics pay for expenses connected to freight.  

Send a ‘hallo’ and your idea to info@kaktuskbh.dk - and please tag the email with "Keramiktus" in the subject line. 

All applications should be sent before the 12th of December 2017.

We cannot wait to hear from you.
Best Regards - Cille, Gro and Maja / Kaktus København